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If something switches on, it’s usually got a cable connected to it somewhere along the line. In this industry, it’s often a big chucky cable that spends most of its life being tugged, dragged, stepped on, bundled, and hauled thousands of miles, venue after venue.

So how does a company keep track of who’s cable is who’s and not spend all day finding out which cable they need? We caught up with Macro Productions’ Nathan Honeycutt to find out how Le Mark’s Cable Labels help them.

Nathan, can you tell us a little bit about Macro Productions and what you do?

“Macro Productions specializes in corporate meetings and events. We do sound, lighting, video and staging for events all over the US and around the world.”

How have Le Mark Cable Labels helped Macro Productions?

“We work with clients both in the US and around the world. At most of our events, there are a number of vendors involved and we used to spend a lot of time sorting our cables from the different vendors. With Le Mark Cable Labels, we now have our logo on our cables which give us a unique and highly visible identifier.

How do you keep the selection and sorting of so many cable quick and efficient?

“During the design stage, we included a printed measurement display on our cables to help us quickly sort cables at our shop. It’s both colour coded and printed text, so it’s easy for anyone to recognise, even if they’re not familiar with our colour codes.”

Why did you choose Le Mark for your labels?

“We ordered a number of samples from several vendors and Le Mark had the highest quality product. We believe these Labels will outlast the cables they are on, unlike our prior solutions.”


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