TheatreStage Programme

The Theatres Trust is delighted to present the TheatreStage Programme at PLASA Show 2015 on Stand E70 – a hub for awards and announcements from leading theatre industry trade bodies and organisations.

TheatreStage will be a focal meeting point to network with theatre colleagues for the duration of the 3-day exhibition. Over twenty-one presentations will be held on the TheatreStage – running over all three days of the PLASA Show from ABTT.

Sunday 4th October  
The Theatres Trust Time: 10.30am – 11.30am

the theater trust Introduction to the TheatreStage Programme
The Theatres Trust promotes the better protection of theatres and champions all theatres – historic, contemporary, new – in theatre use, in other uses or disused. Come and have coffee and pastries from 10.30am and meet our staff who will be here to offer advice and provide information over the next three days at the PLASA Show. Find out more about the programme of announcements and presentations taking place on The Theatres Trust’s TheatreStage each day.

Behind the Scenes UK Time: 11.45am – 12.15pm

Cris-Giavedoni Bringing help and hope in times of need
Behind the Scenes UK, your new industry charity, provides financial assistance to entertainment technology professionals, or their immediate family, who are seriously ill or injured. Grants are available for basic living costs, some medical related expenses, transportation, retraining, or funerals. Hear some of our North American grant recipients tell their stories and the difference Behind the Scenes made in their lives. Learn more about the charity and whom it covers and find out how you can get involved.

Mountview College Time: 12.30pm – 1.30pm

Cris-Giavedoni Mountview’s Approach to Theatre Production Training
Why you should be part of our training? Mountview was established in 1945 and is now recognised as one of the UK’s leading drama schools with an international reputation for training actors, directors, producers and production arts practitioners . Mountview’s vision is: To produce the next generation of technical and production, creative artists, to train the most talented people regardless of background or income, to create challenging work in collaboration with the finest directors, writers and composers and to build a new fit-for-purpose new home in the heart of Peckham. Hear how we are developing the training to ensure that our graduates are ready for the wider industry. The session will enable us to inform, engage and widen our industry connections. To develop external work experience opportunities with industry partners and as Mountview employs over 150 freelance, technical and creative professionals annually, seek new opportunities to enhance our connections and the networking opportunities between you and our students.

Stage Lighting Training Time: 2.30pm – 3.30pm

Cris-Giavedoni Book Launch: 'Stage Lighting – The Technicians' Guide'
Skip Mort and Bloomsbury

"Techies don’t read books they look for what they need to know!"

Skip Mort launches the 2nd Edition of ‘Stage Lighting – The Technicians' Guide'
  • Meet the author and see how this unique and popular ‘on-the-job’ reference manual can help you
  • Experience the book’s easy-to-read style and quick access to the information at all levels
  • View the accompanying online video resources, the additions to the 2nd edition showing the developments in LED lighting and luminaires
  • Purchase signed copies at special discounted show price
The book supports the development of practical skills and provides the foundation knowledge required to go onto specialist higher education courses or apprenticeships. It can be used as background reading for students studying stage design and stage management.

Skip Mort has had a great interest and involvement in stage lighting as a teacher, practitioner, and has been a regular contributor to the Teaching Drama magazine. He is an associate member of the Association of British Theatre Technicians and a life member of the Theatres Trust.

The Backstage Heritage Collection Time: 4.00pm – 4.30pm

Cris-Giavedoni If you are interested in the classic gear that shaped our industry, come and learn more about the Backstage Heritage Collection. The organisation’s aim is to preserve historic items of equipment, while creating a virtual museum containing full details of each product together with the memories of those who created and used them.

ABTT and SMA Time: 5.00pm – 6.00pm

Cris-Giavedoni Production Managers’ Forum Launch and Open Meeting
Everyone welcome

Supported by the ABTT and the SMA. The Production Managers’ Forum (PMF) is the only professional organisation of its kind in the UK, serving as a vital resource for production managers working across a variety of locations and industry sectors. The PMF aims to engage the production manager community, providing networking, visibility and ongoing professional development opportunities to its members. Please do join us as we launch the new and improved PMF; our programme of future events; useful resources and the production management mentoring scheme.

Come and discuss what it is to be a Production Manager in theatre and live events today.
We would love to hear from you as we continue to build our database of established and aspiring Production Managers and welcome feedback and suggestions for future forum topics and how we can improve the PMFand work together to better serve the production management community.

Monday 5th October  
The Theatres Trust Time: 10.15am – 11.15am

the theater trust Discovering The Theatres Trust Archives
Find out how The Theatres Trust’s archives and collections can help support your research. Our collections track the history, design and development of theatre buildings throughout the UK, and contain over 30,000 images, 10,000 architectural plans, 2,700 working files and 1,500 reference books. This is your chance to look at some highlights from our collections.

Society of Theatre Consultants Time: 11.30am – 12.30pm

Cris-Giavedoni Making the ephemeral real
An introduction to Theatre Consultancy

This presentation will show something of the work of the Theatre Consultant in making live performance spaces of all kinds – exciting places for the audience and performer to jointly create an experience . How the right environment for this exchange has to be conveyed to the building design team and the regulatory authorities. How the building can be designed to give maximum effectiveness to all aspects of the venue, from the front door to buying a ticket, a drink or a meal; to the stage door, the get-in, dressing rooms and green room. Pictures of recent theatres, concert halls and arenas will illustrate the themes.

Amongst the projects illustrated will be the amazingly well thought through flying system of the Stavanger Concert Hall – and the brilliant quarters for the resident orchestra. Also a fellow winner of the Society of Theatre Consultant’s Award for Excellence – Helmond’s simple and much loved conversion of a church to a theatre.
The presentation will be given by Michael Holden, MA,MSTC, FRSA chairman of the Society of Theatre Consultants, drawing on his 45 years of theatre consultancy work including the Barbican, the Lyric Hammersmith, the Globe and a hundred others. The Society of Theatre Consultants is the professional body for consultants who work in the field of designing performance spaces and their equipment, and advising management and prospective theatre owners on business plans and briefs to building design teams. Frequently we are also champions for new or improved theatres, concert halls, arenas and found space projects.
The Society serves members through continuing professional development and other educational opportunities including a part-time Masters of Arts course in Theatre Consultancy at Warwick University (this course is open to production managers and others who would like to know more about the art and skill of good performance space design).

Crowdlytics in association with the ABTT Time: 12.45pm – 1.15pm

Crowdlytics in association with the ABTT New ways to manage your water risk
Water leaks, legionella and water wastage are key issues in places of entertainment. From structural failure, major risk to health or uncontrolled utility costs, the consequences of undetected leaks or discharge can be significant and a real threat to business continuity. Come and hear how a new technological application allows you to monitor and manage the integrity of any plumbed water system. Crowdlytics delivers a new low cost, easy to fit, innovative service to track in building water usage and leaks at micro flow levels not previously achievable using traditional methods. TheABTT is a charity. Membership is open to anyone interested in theatre design or technology. The Association delivers training in the technical operation and management of performance and places of entertainment; it promotes high standards in theatre design and theatrical presentation and it produces a Code of Practice for the theatre industry with the support of the Theatre Safety Committee. The HSEacknowledges this as an established standard. Membership offers a number of benefits and contributes to a clear and knowledgeable voice with which to campaign for suitable legislation, appropriate industry guidance, meaningful training and appropriate professional recognition.

ALD Time: 1.30pm – 2.30pm

ALD The 2015 Michael Northen Bursary Presentation
The Michael Northen Bursary is awarded annually to a student or recent graduate who has demonstrated strong, imaginative and creative lighting design. The Award is organised by ALD in conjunction with the Mousetrap Foundation, and is supported by ETC and Stage Jobs Pro.

The Theatrical Guild Time: 3.30pm – 4.00pm

Cris-Giavedoni An introduction to who we are, what we do and how we can help
The Theatrical Guild is an established charity dedicated to supporting backstage and front of house theatre staff nationwide who are in need of help. We offer advice, financial support and funds towards the cost of education or retraining. Our aim is to help you solve the immediate problem and empower you to find longer term solutions.

Tuesday 6th October  
The Theatres Trust Time: 11.30am – 12.30pm

the theater trust Protecting theatres for everyone
Find out how The Theatres Trust is helping to secure theatres’ future through our advice, grants, planning and at risk work. Find out about the new theatres on the Trust’s Theatre Buildings at Risk Register 2015, and what the outcomes were of the Trust’s Conference 15: Valuing Theatres. So as PLASA London draws to a close, pop along for coffee and pastries and find out how, working together, we can help protect theatres for everyone.

Entertainment Workshops Time: 12.45pm – 1.45pm

Entertainment Workshops Entertainment Workshops – Engage Today, Employ Tomorrow
Entertainment Workshops is a unique alternative education facility that encourages use of the latest equipment and technology, whilst also offering practical work based experience with strong links to providing a pathway to a career. Come and find out more about how your company can get involved.

University of Derby Time: 2.00pm – 2.45pm

University of Derby Are 'Training' and 'Education' mutually exclusive?
Over the past 20 years there has been a proliferation of courses and training schemes aimed at those wanting to work in the Live Event industry. The approaches of these courses range from ‘on-the-job’ apprenticeship schemes to largely theoretical ‘academic’ courses. Some industry professionals are wary of graduates of, for example, University degrees as they are perceived to lack practical skills.

We will show you that this doesn’t have to be the case – that deep, theoretical knowledge and solid practical skills and experience enhance each other and can be learnt side-by-side. We will present examples of good practice and case studies in Live Event education and training. The University of Derby is a leading education centre, providing students with skills and qualities they need to build successful careers. Its ‘Sound, Light & Live Event Technology’ programme is an IET accredited engineering degree that combines significant technical content with practical skills in live sound, lighting, rigging, video and event management.

The degree in ‘Technical Theatre’ is an innovative, new course that gives students a unique learning experience based at Derby Theatre – a professional producing theatre.

New degrees in ‘Broadcast Engineering’ and ‘Costume and Set Design’ will commence in September 2016. Our record of post-graduation employment is unparalleled.


Sunday 16 September
10am - 6pm
Monday 17 September
10am - late
Tuesday 18 September
10am - 4pm