Blackout Immersive

Step into the Bipolar II mind

Blackout Immersive is an installation created by Guildford School of Acting lighting tutor Mig Burgess.

The installation harnesses the power of light, sound and video to portray what it feels like to have Bipolar II disorder and aims to affect the way people view mental health conditions.

Staged in a closed black box, Blackout Immersive is experienced alone for six minutes. 


Contribute to mental health research for the industry

Important research is being conducted by Dr Paul Hanna of the University of Surrey asking visitors about their view on mental heath prior to entering Blackout and how the Blackout experience may have altered their views.

This research is sponsored by industry associations PLASA, PSA, ALD, ASD and ABTT.

Industry support

Blackout Immersive is presented by Guildford School of Acting along with Robe Lighting as the key industry sponsor who are providing brand new T1 fixtures and Cycbar 15s for the installation

Blackout Immersive has also attracted widespread support from the industry and would like to thank Blue-I, Hawthorn, HD Pro Audio, Light Initiative,  ETC, MDG, Nocturnal, Shure, Stage Sound Services and White Light.