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Electrical Testing Regulations

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Electrical Testing Regulations

Electrical Testing Regulations


Plug and Play installations cover those where:

  • There is no need for an electrician
  • There are no tools needed
  • A connection isn't needed
  • From the distribution board to the end point of all circuits, every joint or connection is made with male and female adaptors.

Specific requirements for Plug and Play installations

If you have manufactured plug and play systems then you need to conform to BS 7909: 2011 which is the appropriate standard. 

All your equipment should be checked and tested before it comes to site, with visual and live tests on site. You will need to complete a BS 7909 Test form. The BS 7909 schedule of test results, will act as the confirmation for energisation and the completion of testing.

Prior to arrival on site equipment should have been tested and the results recorded and kept safe.

On the BS 7909 schedule of test results, you can complete the following dead tests before you come to site.

Under the Headings:

  • Circuit details
  • Final Circuit
  • Type / Rating of fuse or circuit breaker 
  • RCD details eg. Fixed or adjustable, delay, rating

Once the plug and play has been installed you must then carry out a visual inspection.

The visual inspection of the temporary electrical system should ensure it is correctly set-up according to the design, it is safe and suitable for the purpose and that full account is taken of all the electrical and environmental conditions that exist or might reasonably be predicted to occur at the location. 

Anything found faulty should be corrected and re-tested before proceeding. Any significant findings during the visual inspection should be recorded and the person responsible for the temporary electrical system should retain a copy. 


SYSTEM TESTS ON SITE (Request for connection and energising of electrical supply to stand and BS 7909 schedule of test results)

  • Conducted Live tests
  • RCD Test
  • Phase sequence and Polarity
  • Zs Earth Fault loop impedance
  • PSCC Prospective short circuit curren

NOTE: The measurement of fault loop impedance of circuits supplied from power-processing electronic equipment might not be possible due to the designed characteristics of the equipment.

After the results have been recorded and entered in the BS7909 schedule of test results, the responsible person must sign to say all live conducted tests have been carried out and are acceptable.

Please email a copy of the Liability insurance for the person/company responsible for the completion and signing of the test forms to Tim.OConnell@freemanco.com along with the name of the person responsible for the completion and signing of the test forms.

Requirements for non plug and play installations

Following the revision to BS7671:2008 Requirements for Electrical Installations (IEE wiring Regulations 17th Edition), the Electrical Installation and Testing guidelines are as they were in 2012 and should be adhered to as follows:

  • All electrical installations completed by either Freeman, or an unofficial electrical contractor employed by the exhibitor or stand contractor, will require an initial inspection and the subsequent Dead and Live Tests in line with the current eGuide and in conjunction with the current edition of BS 7671: 2008 Requirements for Electrical Installations.

  • A competent installer is also competent to test their own installation.  Competent, for the purpose of testing, being City & Guilds qualified to 2330 / 2360 / 2397 / 2391 or EU equivalent. 

In practice this would work as follows:

  • Where Freeman provides the mains and completes the electrical installation, they will be responsible for the testing of the stand at a cost agreed between themselves and the Exhibitor.
  • Where an exhibitor or their contractor requests a mains only supply, they must satisfy Freeman that their electricians are competent to install and test their installation.  Exhibitors / contractors must provide details of the competency of the personnel as well as details of their installation.  The installer can then install and submit their test sheets themselves.

Should the Contractor / Exhibitor fail to meet any of the above requirements the following options will be available:

  • Freeman can quote to install and test the electrical installation completely.
  • Freeman can quote to inspect and test the electrical installation of the unofficial contractor.

If you would like to have more information regarding the Electrical Testing Stand Installations regulations, please contact Freeman Ltd on:

+44 (0) 207 598 5510


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