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EMO Power Distribution Units from Canford

Canford Audio Stand: A41

As market demands have changed it was clear EMO needed to evolve. And so a new breed of rackmount and floor box power distribution units, intended specifically for live events and touring applications were developed.

Our experienced in-house Design Team worked in collaboration with Technical Support, Sales and most importantly spoke directly to engineers in the field. The result is an exciting new EMO range - specified by you, built by Canford. Find out more.

Andy Magee - Audio Consultant and FOH Engineer
"Having spent many years designing and building custom touring solutions alongside Canford Audio's metalwork department, I was very happy when approached by Canford to share both my designs and philosophy to help plug a PDU shaped hole in the touring market.

For a significant amount of time there were no products on the market that really ticked the boxes for touring, either because there wasn't enough diversity in the connector arrangement, they were too big or not rugged enough and of poor quality. My ongoing concern, which I considered essential to address, was the lack of locking connectors on touring distribution units, particularly for those cables that would no longer be accessible once the rack was populated. Lacing bars are fine for fixed installation, but for racks that spend their lifetimes bounced on and off trucks and aircraft, a locking connector is the best way to ensure unintentional de-mating. Touring is tough for equipment and crew alike, so reducing these unnecessary potential points of failure, like an inaccessible loose power cable, gives some comfort and reassurance to those Road Warriors who rely on their equipment to work every day and without the need to find your toolbox!

I think Canford have done an excellent job in updating a classic series of products for 21st century touring needs, products that have both modern connectors, built-in over current protection, mains supply condition indicators and occupy the minimum amount of rack space (a precious commodity in modern touring), I've no doubt these PDU's will repeat the success of their predecessors"

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