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ETC Rent program

ETC Ltd Stand: B29

ETC Rent includes the new fos/4 Panel lights – designed specifically for the studio and film industry. They deliver intense light output and the highest color quality with the addition of Deep Red LEDs. ETC’s fos/4 Panels come in a Lustr X8 array and Daylight HDR array with different sizes also accessible via ETC Rental Partners.


A range of the newest High End Systems’ gear is available on the ETC Rent program, including SolaPix, SolaFrame and SolaHyBeam fixtures. These powerful LED automated luminaires offer a diverse range of effects and a variety of features that are suitable for every application or budget.


New and upcoming products will continue to be added to the ETC Rent platform which is available through ETC Rental Partners: Black Light, SLX, TSL and White Light.  

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