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New ‘i’ variants for Green-GO V5

Green-Go Stand: A44

Green-GO version 5 was launched a few months ago and many users are already enjoying the advantages of the upgrade.

The continuous improvement ethos of the Green-GO Development Team led to them building an entirely new software, and firmware, which greatly improves accessibility and control. This has put version 5 lightyears ahead of what was possible with previous versions.

With this in mind, and to meet the demands of the marketplace, Green-GO have recently released the “i” variant of key devices. Functionally identical to their predecessors, these devices are optimised for the latest platform and will therefore only work with version 5.

The redesigned software application, with the addition of interactive visual elements, has been well received and presents a clean platform for centralised configuration in both live and offline environments.
Reliable monitoring tools, a modern workspace, and an integrated, searchable manual combined with support for remote and portable platforms makes version 5 a much more user-friendly, intuitive experience.

  • iPad & iPhone Communication app (BridgeX required)
  • iPad Control remote
  • Android Control remote

For the latest release and product documentation please see: manual.greengoconnect.com

To raise a discussion to a global community of users please join: greengoconnect.com



I have been using Green-GO on version 4 with no issue, Why should I make the move to v5?

Version 5 is a complete overhaul of the system with overall enhanced performance and many new features and refinements. Oh, it's packaged in a much more modern, more user-friendly platform too. 
Find out more by visiting manual.greengoconnect.com/en/features/

How do I tell the difference between standard and “i” type device?

You can identify an “i” variant by its firmware version (“MCXi”, “BPXi”).Using the software, navigate to the firmware column in the connection’s window.
You can also check the info page on the settings menu of the device.


How do I setup audio from external devices into Green-GO? (RDX/SI2W/SI4W/DNTI)

"Autotalk” is the key here. On the device channel assignment, allocate and then double click on the group of channels you'd like and change the channel mode from normal to autotalk.


How do I setup my wireless connections?

Version 5 offers two ways of pairing:
“Over the air” - 1 antenna with up to 4 beltpacks. This is achieved by holding down the button of an antenna for a few seconds and searching via “Pair Antenna” within the DECT menu on the device.
“Pools” - Up to 7 antennas with up to 4 beltpacks (roaming). This is achieved by assigning the networked antennas and USB connected beltpacks in the Pools tab of the software application.
For further help with this please visit: manual.greengoconnect.com/en/guides/wirelessx/


What resources are available for learning more about Version 5?

Canford are always happy to provide support, demos and training on request. Please contact us at greengo@canford.co.uk and we'll be happy to help.
Green-GO have also put significant effort into their online manual, which is searchable, and offers a quick reference for most search terms. manual.greengoconnect.com

Canford are the exclusive Green-GO distributor for the UK and Ireland and we would be delighted to support you with this product range. For all things Green-GO UK please contact us via: greengo@canford.co.uk