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12 Aug 2021

New Rigging Company Makes Early Investment in Electro Kabuki to Drive Expansion

Electro Kabuki Stand: A23

Erlend Webb set up Webb’s Rigging Ltd in March 2020, unfortunately coinciding with the arrival of the first coronavirus lockdown. Despite the difficulties imposed by Covid on the event industry, his reputation and expertise kept him busy throughout the past year.

Webb has used the Electro Kabuki system many times over the years, predominantly with his work in TV using rented EK systems or EK kits belonging to studios or venues. The dependable system became his kabuki drop solution of choice for all rigging projects that required curtains, drapes or props to be released with precision timing.

With the success of his new venture, and the impact of Covid beginning to recede, Webb is expanding into the live event and film-based sectors. In both, absolute performance integrity and equipment reliability is paramount. “You cannot risk a failure in a live event,” he explains. “The dependability of your rigging is absolutely critical. Based on that need and my first-hand experience, Electro Kabuki was the only choice for me.”

Webb invested in the Electro Kabuki Starter Pack and specified extra-length connecting cables to cater for the long runs he encounters in rigging sets in TV studios. “The EK Starter Pack is available ex-stock for speedy delivery and works straight out of the box. It gives me exactly what I need for our current projects, including the rigging of props to drop onto the set of ‘Cats Does Countdown’,” he reports. “The plug & play EK system is highly modular, so I can simply add more components as I need them and plan on doing that soon.”

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