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Perfect weather and RCF

RCF UK Stand: G6

For the organiser, it was essential to provide the audience with perfect sound even in the farthest corners. Therefore, Christofer Kaufmann used a sufficiently large sound system. For the sound reinforcement of the audience, 10 modules each of the active 3-way RCF HDL 50-A 4K high-performance model were used as line array to the right and left of the stage. With their Class-D power amplifiers, the 4K models deliver 4000 W (RMS) of power and a sound pressure level of 143 dB. Due to the perfectly matched components, the HDL 50-A 4K modules reproduce the signals with optimum transparency and freedom from distortion. Additional HDL 30-A line array modules served as front fill or outfill on the basses. 18x SUB 9007-AS basses in cardioid mode provided pressure in the low frequencies. On the stage, 2x TT 25-A, with SUB 8003-AS as sidefill, 2x TT 22-A II with SUB 8006-AS as DJ monitors and six more TT 25 SMA monitors were used as stage monitors. With the events on the Schützenplatz, the city of Monheim am Rhein set an example for live culture and proved that concerts need not lose their flair and fun through clever concepts.

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