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Artiste Picasso™

Elation H40

From Elation Professional’s award-winning Artiste™ series of creative, full-featured moving heads comes the Artiste Picasso™, an innovative and inspirational theatrical-grade luminaire that connects art to engineering.


Endlessly creative like the artistic icon it is named after, the Artiste Picasso delivers an exceptional combination of power and aesthetics with the latest in artistic projection possibilities. Exceptionally quiet for use in noise-sensitive applications, Elation has packed a full list of features in a discreetly compact design, making the Artiste Picasso ideal for stage environments of all types.


In fact, the Artiste Picasso is one of the brightest and most feature-rich profile LED fixtures on the market today. A new 620W Cool White LED engine (6,800K) combines with an advanced optical system to produce a powerful, crisp output of over 23,000 total lumens. And at a fraction of the power draw of similar discharge source luminaires.


The Artiste Picasso is Elation’s brightest and most refined LED fixture to date. With tight LED binning for greater consistency in projection, the Artiste Picasso produces the extremely uniform, flat field of light that designers prefer while staying whisper quiet even at full output.


The Artiste Picasso incorporates a fast and precisely moving zoom system with auto-focus for more precise coverage. For easy adjustment of beam size as well as beam sharpness, the motorized zoom expands the beam quickly and evenly from a tight 7° to a wide 55°.


The ability to manipulate the shape of the beam is vital in theatrical lighting. A rotating 4-blade framing system allows for full control of the beam shape. When framing set elements or performers, the adjustable system allows for refinement of the beam shape and +/- 45-degree individual blade rotation allows for projection at any angle. Adjustment of the beam shape is extremely precise, eliminating any excess back light.


Color choice is perhaps the central element in creative expression and mood generation. The Artiste Picasso offers a CMY color mixing system capable of producing a full spectrum of shades from delicate pastels to rich saturated colors while 6 dichroic colors, including a high CRI filter, give designers added possibilities. Linear CTO color correction has been included for more refined color temperature control and a wider range of color capabilities. Using the available high CRI filter, the Picasso renders color at a CRI of 87.


The Artiste Picasso is all about creativity and a range of graphical effects via two gobo wheels and an animation system allow designers a wealth of visual design choice. One gobo wheel houses 7 rotating glass gobos while the other houses 7 static-stamped interchangeable metal gobos. A full 360-degree, bi-directional animation effect wheel brings those graphics to life, allowing for the creation of dramatic animated effects.


A 4-facet prism plus a linear rotating prism can be used to multiply effects for stunning looks while prism macros are available to make the design job easier. Two frost filters can be applied when designers wish for softer gobo or a soft wash effect and a motorized focus and high-speed iris can be engaged for further effect. The fixture also includes a high-speed electronic shutter and strobe for adjustable, energetic flashes of light.


The Artiste Picasso dims smoothly all the way to zero with variable dimming curves are included for programming ease. Multiple color, framing, prism, and frost macros are also included for faster programming. The Artiste Picasso includes a Hibernation Mode, which saves power when the fixture is not in use.


Professional control options include DMX, RDM, Art-NET, and sACN protocols. The fixture is outfitted with 5pin XLR, RJ45 etherCON, and powerCON TRUE1 In connections and a full-color 180° reversible menu display makes for easy navigation. Gamma correction and refresh rate can be adjusted variably and adapted to individual requirements. The Artiste Picasso has also been outfitted with Elation’s E-FLY™ Internal Wireless DMX Transceiver for quicker setups and less cable mess.


Marrying creative expression with the latest in high-tech innovation, the Artiste Picasso is another example of Elation’s mission to offer the best value:performance ratio fixtures on the market while empowering designers to create truly unique works of art.

See you at next year's show!

See you at next year's show!

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  • It was a really impressive show. Every time I looked there were lots of conversations going on around the show floor. I think every exhibitor should be happy. It was magic!
    Mick Hannaford
  • We rate PLASA as one of the best shows in the world. We’ve had a really successful event, meeting our European clients and securing new overseas contacts as well as visitors from closer to home.
    Gary Fails
    City Theatrical
  • The show was incredibly busy, I didn’t have a moment of quiet time. I’ve seen more international visitors here this year which is great. I love it!
    Darren Beckley
    ETC Ltd
  • We’ve been exhibiting at PLASA for around 10 years and show both competing and complementary technologies, allowing our customers to see the differences between them. No one feels they’re getting the hard sell, it works very well.
    John Penn
    SSE Audio
  • We were delighted that 80% of our European distribution network came to the show, and we had visitors from Korea, Hong Kong and the US. The stand was really busy and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the show.
    Matthew Lloyd
  • This year’s PLASA show was one of the busiest ever, and in my opinion, it was also one of the best we’ve exhibited at. All in all, it was a very positive show for us and our suppliers.
    Jonathan Walters
    A.C. Entertainment Technologies
  • The show was genuinely good and there was a buzz. We certainly had a crowded stand and we hope the successful launching of new products brings the results we want. May PLASA continue for many more years.
    Cliff Dounting
  • I am a big fan of PLASA London since the move and believe that the PLASA team have totally re-invigorated the show and established it as the product show in the UK, where the UK market turn to look at new products.
    Ben Noble
    Push the Button