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Infinity delivers solutions. Solutions for theatre or TV-applications with extreme silent operating Signature units which produce a high grade quality flicker-free output.  Solutions for light engineers and programmers with the Chimp controllers, programming a show within minutes and doing this virtually wireless. Solutions for event planners with Furion units with strong, powerful beams, saturated colours, amazing visual effects and offering features which are ahead of their time. Infinity offers answers to entertainment questions: intelligent, intuitive fixtures, easy to operate light controllers and LED based theatre-fixtures with the look and feel of actual Tungsten luminaires. 


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  • The Furion S401 offers a 5:1 ratio zoom range from 6º to 30º. CMY colour mixing with CTO incorporated produces the perfect colourmix very fast and extremely precise.

  • Being able to produce perfectly calibrated colours by using a 7 colour Lumiled LED engine is the big advantage of the TS-260C7 Profile engine (body without lens).

  • The Infinity Chimp 300.G2 light controller is the ultimate in user-friendly design. Equipped with an effects engine, built-in AtlaBase fixture library and colour filter libraries from Lee, Rosco and Apollo, chosing the perfect colour and move for more than 16.000 different fixtures is no challenge. 

  • The Infinity Signature TF-260C7 fixture is perfectly equipped for theatre and film applications. Seamlessly choosing the right colour temperature, adding the perfectly calibrated colour out of the virtual stroller, cancelling out rolling shutter and built-in Tungsten simulations

  • The Infinity Furion B401 Beam: nominee for the Plasa Award 2019. A very versatile moving head with a powerful Osram Sirius HRI 230W 7R as light source. Equipped with extremely precise and fast motors which deliver the 4° beam every time. But the actual reason for the nomination is the extended colour-bump feature.

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