15-17 September 2019
Olympia London

Plasa 2019

Audio Demonstrations

Live audio demo panel


Audio Demonstrations

Throughout PLASA Show you can attend live audio demos from a range of leading loudspeaker manufacturers. This is a unique opportunity to experience a variety of professional systems in a controlled environment, allowing you to evaluate their performance quality and technical specification. A representative from each brand will be on hand to answer any of your questions.

Scroll down for the full timetable.

Time Table 

11:00     Aura Audio

11:10     Shermann Audio

11:20     Ohm (UK)

11:30     RCF

12:00     Aura Audio

12:10     Shermann Audio

12:20     Ohm (UK)

12:30     RCF

13:00     Aura Audio

13:10     Shermann Audio

13:20     Ohm (UK)

13:30     RCF

14:00     Aura Audio

14:10     Shermann Audio

14:20     Ohm (UK)

14:30     RCF

15:00     Aura Audio

15:10     Shermann Audio

15:20     Ohm (UK)

15:30     RCF

16:00     Aura Audio

16:10     Shermann Audio

16:20     Ohm (UK)

16:30     RCF

17:00     Aura Audio

17:10     Shermann Audio

17:20     Ohm (UK)

17:30     RCF

18:00*   Aura Audio

18:10*   Shermann Audio

18:20*   Ohm (UK)

18:30*   RCF

19:00*   Aura Audio

19:10*   Shermann Audio

19:20*   Ohm (UK)

19:30*   RCF

*Monday 17 September only. Final session on Tuesday 18 September will be 15:30

See you at next year's show!

See you at next year's show!

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  • It was a really impressive show. Every time I looked there were lots of conversations going on around the show floor. I think every exhibitor should be happy. It was magic!
    Mick Hannaford
  • We rate PLASA as one of the best shows in the world. We’ve had a really successful event, meeting our European clients and securing new overseas contacts as well as visitors from closer to home.
    Gary Fails
    City Theatrical
  • The show was incredibly busy, I didn’t have a moment of quiet time. I’ve seen more international visitors here this year which is great. I love it!
    Darren Beckley
    ETC Ltd
  • We’ve been exhibiting at PLASA for around 10 years and show both competing and complementary technologies, allowing our customers to see the differences between them. No one feels they’re getting the hard sell, it works very well.
    John Penn
    SSE Audio
  • We were delighted that 80% of our European distribution network came to the show, and we had visitors from Korea, Hong Kong and the US. The stand was really busy and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the show.
    Matthew Lloyd
  • This year’s PLASA show was one of the busiest ever, and in my opinion, it was also one of the best we’ve exhibited at. All in all, it was a very positive show for us and our suppliers.
    Jonathan Walters
    A.C. Entertainment Technologies
  • The show was genuinely good and there was a buzz. We certainly had a crowded stand and we hope the successful launching of new products brings the results we want. May PLASA continue for many more years.
    Cliff Dounting
  • I am a big fan of PLASA London since the move and believe that the PLASA team have totally re-invigorated the show and established it as the product show in the UK, where the UK market turn to look at new products.
    Ben Noble
    Push the Button