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25 Sep 2018

Lightpower Collection supports Backup at PLASA Show 2018

Lightpower Collection supports Backup at PLASA Show 2018
For the past four years, the Lightpower Collection has toured worldwide with In the Eye of the Rock ’n’ Roll Hurricane, an exhibition which shows the body of work from acclaimed Rock ‘n’ Roll photographer, Neal Preston.

In it are more than 70 of his iconic pictures: legendary album covers, views behind the scenes, moments that made history – the essence of Rock ’n’ Roll and concert touring that has dominated out industry since the late ‘60s.

Neal Preston’s fine art prints are highly sought after by collectors worldwide, and Lightpower Collection donates all proceeds from the sale of prints and merchandise go to Behind the Scenes and Backup – two technical entertainment charities that provide relief for event technicians in need.

At PLASA London 2018, the Lightpower Collection was proud to be able to donate another £10,000 to Backup. The donation was presented to Backup chairman John Simpson, by Lightpower Collection owner Ralph-Jörg Wezorke, bringing the total raised for both charities to over $110,000 since the Lightpower Collection tour began in 2014.

“This would not be possible without the help of friends who lend their support,” says Lightpower Collection’s Ralph-Jörg Wezorke.

Lightpower Collection would like to extend its thanks to its sponsors at PLASA London 2018: PLASA Events, Knight of Illumination Awards, Astera, Ayrton, MA Lighting International, Robert Juliat, zactrack and Julie Harper PR & Marketing.

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