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23 Jun 2020

Winners announced for Stage to Studio competition

Winners announced for Stage to Studio competition

PLASA is delighted to announce the two winners of the Stage to Studio competition for the best mix which launched following the Stage to Studio live mixing session at PLASA Show 2019. Antonio Pannese from Italy was chosen as the winner for the Best Original Mix, and Andrew Mansell from the UK was chosen as the winner for the Best Alternative Mix.

Marc Henshall from Shure comments, “Antonio Pannese demonstrated the best use of dynamics, space, and frequency balance while also applying creative effects for a personal touch. As an alternative mix, few demonstrated the same creativity as Andrew Mansell, who successfully transformed the mix into a spectacular dub-delay style piece.”

VC Pines, the artist whose single ‘Indigo’ was mixed for the competition, paired the two winners at random with their pro audio prize in a video posted on social media. It was revealed that Antonio won the Genelec 8320 monitors and GLM software and Andrew won the Shure KSM32 microphone and set of SRH1540 headphones, each worth £1,000.

The judging team consisted of Marc Henshall from Shure, Andy Bensley from Genelec, Paul Watson from Headliner magazine, Dave Lockwood from Sound On Sound magazine, audio engineer Simon Todkill from Miloco Studios, Freya Astrella from PLASA, and VC Pines himself AKA Jack Mercer. Each member of the team chose their shortlist then deliberated over Zoom to decide upon the two winners.

The judges were impressed by the range of nationalities and mixing styles and would like to thank everyone who entered, with special commendations to: Abhishek Walimbe, Alexsandar Radosavlijevic, Dan Olney, Esionov Andrey, Ihar Davydau, Joel Bylund, Jose Fernandes, Niklas Mansner, Pedro Dominguez, Sivert Bjorneras, Svein Erik Åmås and Tomas Mancini.

Click here to listen to Antonio Pannese’s Best Original Mix
Click here to listen to Andrew Mansell’s Best Alternative Mix