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Rigging Guidance

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Rigging Guidance

Rigging Guidance


Rigging Orders & Plans

Ground floor – inside the well

Due to the weight loadings available in the National Hall barrelled roof it is necessary to balance the weight loadings of individual stands throughout the roof.

Rigging orders must be submitted to Outback Rigging, the in-house official rigging contractor, who will check the point loading available is sufficient in line with the surrounding stands. 

Please ensure you submit your rigging order by the deadline stated on the form. Only once weights have been checked in line with surrounding stands will confirmation of the order be given. 

Please note, that weight loadings cannot be changed once an order has been confirmed as this may impact on the stands around you. 

Additionally we would highly recommend using Outback Rigging for any rigging services you require to assist with your scheduling. Outback’s ability to pre-rig services could help you to make the most of the shortened build up and breakdown periods. 

Please read the section Height Limits in the A-Z section of the Ezone for details of height restrictions for rigged structures. 

You may not rig any structure that would be deemed by the Organisers as unfairly obstructing another exhibitor’s view, whether neighbouring or opposite. 

Outback Rigging, the house riggers, are the only riggers / technicians authorised to attach to the fabric of the Olympia venue.

Exhibitor Hoist & Fix

Exhibitors wishing to carry out their own hoist and fix after Olympia Rigging have installed the suspension point are responsible for meeting the legal requirement of the Lifting Operation and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) and The Provision, Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) and the Working at height regulations 2005. 

It is essential that stand contractors performing hoist and fix operations must complete risk assessments, method statements and be competent to undertake such activity.

Construction Phase plans and method statements should be submitted to both plans@eventsupportsolutions.com and rob@outbackrigging.com by the order deadline. 

All equipment that is to be suspended must be structurally sound, fit for purpose, not in excess of the Safe Working Limit of the anchorage point and complies with LOLER. It must also be "flown” using approved rigging techniques. Outback Rigging are not responsible for the integrity of any hoist and fix performed by a third party. Outback Rigging reserves the right to refuse any "flown" equipment that is in breach of the legislation or rigged incorrectly.

Outback Rigging are able to supply a range of rigging equipment and would be happy to advise on or discuss your rigging requirements. 

When ordering suspension equipment it is a legal requirement under LOLER to provide Outback Rigging with a plan, accurately showing the following:

  • The suspension point locations and their orientation in relation to the building
  • The weight of each point
  • The "hook" height required
  • The date of the lifting operation
  • A brief description of the equipment to be flown
  • For an additional charge, Outback Rigging will perform the hoist and fix providing this information is available. Failure to supply this information may result in Outback refusing to allow the equipment to be flown. 

The following list is a brief outline of the information for exhibitors and stand contractors who require rigging work:

  • It is necessary for the Organisers to balance the weight loadings throughout the roof. Rigging orders will be submitted to Outback Rigging, Only once weights have been checked in line with surrounding stands will confirmation of the order be given.
  • Suitable and sufficient PPE and PFPS will be worn when working at height.
  • Flown height and weight restrictions exist in Olympia, rigging requirements cannot be guaranteed until full details have been received and analysed by Outback Rigging and the Technical Department.
  • Plans produced by Outback Rigging from originals for rigging purposes must be signed off by exhibitors or their contractors before works can commence.
  • Flown equipment above 400kgs must be treated as a complex structure and therefore subject to approval from an approved structural engineer. All Flown equipment must be treated as a complex structure and therefore subject to approval from an approved structural engineer.
  • If the exhibitor requires more height they must inform Outback Rigging as soon as possible and supply all the relevant information. 
  • Exhibitors performing their own hoist and fix are responsible for complying with LOLER, PUWER and they must ensure that a competent person performs all lifting operations, and that a nominated person is in overall control of the lift.
  • Outback Rigging department are the house riggers, and they are the only riggers / technicians authorised to attach to the fabric of the Olympia venue.
  • Exhibitors ordering suspension points must supply Outback Rigging with an accurate plan showing the point location, orientation of the feature, weight of each point, the desired hook height, the date of the lifting operation and a brief description of the equipment to be flown. If you require advice on this please consult Outback Rigging. They are more than happy to assist.
  • All equipment that requires accessing at height must have a suitable safety system that provides a constant source of safety attachment.
  • Personnel accessing this equipment must be trained and competent in working at height. A planned rescue system/equipment must be immediately available when personnel are working at height.
  • All work at height within the venue will be carried out with mobile elevated work platforms. With reference to the Working at Height regulations (2005) and the hierarchy of control, Olympia has adopted a “none climbing” policy, if it is totally impossible to access the work area at height by all other access modes, and it is totally essential that the work at height needs to take place then as a last resort a “safe” controlled climb will be permitted once a suitable and sufficient method statement has been submitted, in all such scenarios a High Access Risk Management form must be filled out prior to the work activity taking place. 

Secondary suspensions.

All primary rigging points will have a secondary or safety installed to bypass the electrical chain hoist in case of mechanical chain hoist failure. 

A. Electrical chain hoists which conform to D8+ category do not need a Hoist Bypass secondary steel, if the load does not exceed the WLL of the individual Hoist. Pre-notification and a declaration of this is required in written format, along with a copy of the latest Hoist inspection certificate.

B. Electrical chain hoist load redundancy can be taken into consideration on an individual hoist basis.  If the point load on the hoist is less than 50% of the WLL of the hoist including an allowance for dynamic load, then a secondary suspension will not be required. Pre-notification and a declaration of this is required in written format, along with a copy of the latest Hoist inspection certificate.

C. If an element of doubt exists regarding the requirement for secondary suspension then the final word lies with Outback Rigging.

D. If in doubt use a secondary suspension.

E. Steel wire rope will be used to facilitate both top and bottom connection eg. roof fixing and attachments to flown items. The connection between the items to be chains with shortening clutch (if applicable) and of a suitable capacity to support the load in case of a chain hoist failure.

F.  Should your structure deviate in weight or dimensions on arrival to the venue or if the venues structural engineer seeks further information in order to gain approval extra costs/delays may be incurred to rectify this situation.

G. Any out of hour’s requirements or early breakdown must be booked in advance of tenancy.         

All equipment suspended must be LOLER compliant, free from defect, fit for the purpose and structurally sound.

Send your plans to plans@eventsupportsolutions.com for any bespoke flown structures you intend to have on your stand.

For any assistance or advice concerning "flown" equipment please contact Outback Rigging.

See you at next year's show!

See you at next year's show!

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  • It was a really impressive show. Every time I looked there were lots of conversations going on around the show floor. I think every exhibitor should be happy. It was magic!
    Mick Hannaford
  • We rate PLASA as one of the best shows in the world. We’ve had a really successful event, meeting our European clients and securing new overseas contacts as well as visitors from closer to home.
    Gary Fails
    City Theatrical
  • The show was incredibly busy, I didn’t have a moment of quiet time. I’ve seen more international visitors here this year which is great. I love it!
    Darren Beckley
    ETC Ltd
  • We’ve been exhibiting at PLASA for around 10 years and show both competing and complementary technologies, allowing our customers to see the differences between them. No one feels they’re getting the hard sell, it works very well.
    John Penn
    SSE Audio
  • We were delighted that 80% of our European distribution network came to the show, and we had visitors from Korea, Hong Kong and the US. The stand was really busy and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the show.
    Matthew Lloyd
  • This year’s PLASA show was one of the busiest ever, and in my opinion, it was also one of the best we’ve exhibited at. All in all, it was a very positive show for us and our suppliers.
    Jonathan Walters
    A.C. Entertainment Technologies
  • The show was genuinely good and there was a buzz. We certainly had a crowded stand and we hope the successful launching of new products brings the results we want. May PLASA continue for many more years.
    Cliff Dounting
  • I am a big fan of PLASA London since the move and believe that the PLASA team have totally re-invigorated the show and established it as the product show in the UK, where the UK market turn to look at new products.
    Ben Noble
    Push the Button