15-17 September 2019
Olympia London

Plasa 2019

Seminars and training

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Seminars and training

Our market-leading programme spans four theatres, each one dedicated to specialist areas of the live entertainment technology industry. 

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Lighting & Industry Initiatives

Featuring major creative projects from the biggest names in the business. Last year's attendees enjoyed:

  • A dive into the Royal Shakespeare Company's production of The Tempest which used genuinely game changing digital technologies. 


  • Giudizio Universale: Michelangelo and the Secrets of the Sistine Chapel, revealing how the €9million immersive stage show was created.


  • Production Park and Brilliant Stages discussing their most complicated video facade in the world on the Nur Alem Pavilion.


  • 59 Productions' presentation on how they create 'Drama Beyond the Stage' with old fashioned story telling and modern technology.

Audio & AV 

All the need-to-know information audiophiles would ever need. Last year's attendees tucked into:

  • A live mix created by Robbie Williams' sound engineer Simon Hodge as he built the basics of a mix from scratch using a multi-track.


  • The SoundGirls exploring live mixing apps and immersive sound systems and their effects on the artist-audience connection.


  • Britannia Row who demonstrated the use of speaker system prediction software to create a system design for an arena.


  • Holoplot's deep dive into 'Wave Field Synthesis for 3D Sound Applications and Challenging Acoustic Environments'. 

Rigging, Production & Structures

New for 2018, this theatre delivered essential knowledge. Last year's attendees took advantage of:

  • Scotty Stewart looking at the underlying forces during circus and aerial rigging as well as a session on 'Simple Rigging Calculations'.


  • A panel of seasoned international riggers discussing the problems of working from trusses, seeking to identify potential solutions.


  • An interactive 'Ask the Expert' session hosted by the National Rigging Advisory Group for all those interested in a career in rigging. 


  • ITV's Operational Risk Manager discussing the limitations of traditional Health & Safety and the challenge of changing approach.

Product Training

Free, practical training from official brand representatives. Last year's attendees for hands on with:

  • The Speechline Digital Wireless system from Sennheiser, learning how to spec, configure, operate and remote monitor multiple systems.


  • The ChamSys QuickQ range of consoles and software, getting to grips with fixtures and programming.


  • The ChamSys MagicQ range of consoles and software, learning how to patch a new show, create cues and FX and MagicVis.


  • The Zero-88 FLX family of consoles, providing a comprehensive introduction for all levels. 

Fast Track Theatre

Not only are there four main theatres bursting with back-to-back sessions, PLASA Show also features the Fast Track Theatre, located on the Gallery Level, which offers bite-sized sessions on technical standards, electrical safety, business and career advice, and much more. 

Countdown to the show...

Countdown to the show...


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  • It was a really impressive show. Every time I looked there were lots of conversations going on around the show floor. I think every exhibitor should be happy. It was magic!
    Mick Hannaford
  • We rate PLASA as one of the best shows in the world. We’ve had a really successful event, meeting our European clients and securing new overseas contacts as well as visitors from closer to home.
    Gary Fails
    City Theatrical
  • The show was incredibly busy, I didn’t have a moment of quiet time. I’ve seen more international visitors here this year which is great. I love it!
    Darren Beckley
    ETC Ltd
  • We’ve been exhibiting at PLASA for around 10 years and show both competing and complementary technologies, allowing our customers to see the differences between them. No one feels they’re getting the hard sell, it works very well.
    John Penn
    SSE Audio
  • We were delighted that 80% of our European distribution network came to the show, and we had visitors from Korea, Hong Kong and the US. The stand was really busy and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the show.
    Matthew Lloyd
  • This year’s PLASA show was one of the busiest ever, and in my opinion, it was also one of the best we’ve exhibited at. All in all, it was a very positive show for us and our suppliers.
    Jonathan Walters
    A.C. Entertainment Technologies
  • The show was genuinely good and there was a buzz. We certainly had a crowded stand and we hope the successful launching of new products brings the results we want. May PLASA continue for many more years.
    Cliff Dounting
  • I am a big fan of PLASA London since the move and believe that the PLASA team have totally re-invigorated the show and established it as the product show in the UK, where the UK market turn to look at new products.
    Ben Noble
    Push the Button