Plasa Awards for Innovation 2017

Plasa Awards for Innovation 2017

The PLASA Awards for Innovation aim to recognise and reward new product ideas. They have long been respected because they are independently and impartially judged by an invited team of industry experts. In addition, PLASA Members and pre-registered visitors are also eligible to vote for nominees of the annual Gottelier Award, aimed to recognise the lifetime achievements of product developers.


  • Demonstrates a new style of thinking
  • Improves technical practice
  • Introduces new technology, new materials or new techniques
  • Includes patents or unique intellectual property
  • Offers a new commercial advantage
  • Improves safety
Entries have now closed for the 2017 Awards


All successfully vetted products are judged against one another on the strength of their innovation alone: there are no product categories.

All nominees will have the opportunity to make a 5-minute presentation to our judges. These presentations will not be recorded, but all nominees will be able to have their product presentations filmed separately as part of their entry package.

The judging panel will have eight awards of equal standing at their disposal, plus the option of making one or more a 'Gold' Award – marking those products which stand out above the rest of the nominees.


The judges can also choose to present the PLASA Award for Sustainability to recognise products which can claim:

  • Significant reduction of power usage for its product type/application

  • Effective use of renewable energy sources

  • Significant reduction of environmental impact of product lifecycle


Pre-Show Publicity
For exhibitors to benefit from inclusion in the PLASA Show Preview issues of LSi and LSA magazines, and in the Official PLASA Show Guide their entry must be completed by the close of Monday 21 August 2017 at the latest.

Publicity During the Show
Nominated products will be exhibited on the Innovation Gallery - a key visitor attraction at the show. 

Post-Show Publicity
Each presentation video will appear on PLASA and LSiOnline’s YouTube channels.

And will also be made available for exhibitors’ own promotional use after the show.


The entry fee is £350 + VAT (20%) for PLASA Show exhibitors – or £600 + VAT (20%) for non-exhibiting PLASA members - a highly preferential rate given the level of publicity generated by the Awards. 

The fee covers all administration and judging expenses and the cost of a professionally produced video of your 5-minute product presentation.


The Winners will appear on the LSiOnline website and in the October issues of Light&Sound International and Lighting&Sound America magazines.

For further information on the PLASA Awards for Innovation, please contact:


Sunday 16 September
10am - 6pm
Monday 17 September
10am - late
Tuesday 18 September
10am - 4pm