lights at PLASA Show

  • The cost-effective Vista by Chroma-Q MV control surface can be used as a powerful, yet intuitive, standalone controller, when connected to a host PC or Mac running the Vista 3 software, or as an extension to any other Vista 3 system.
  • The Vista by Chroma-Q EX Control Surface, provides large amounts of physical control within a compact footprint, capable of delivering small to large scale shows.
  • The Chroma-Q® Space Force™ octo LED fixture is the next frontier in space lighting. The 
  • The multi award-winning Chroma-Q® Color Force II™ is a cyc, wash and effects batten that delivers formidable output and superior colour blending, all with smooth even coverage.
  • Hardware Controller | Dante Headphone Amp | Immersive Ambience Mics Being compatible with all KLANG Immersive In-Ear Mixing Processors, KLANG:kontroller is the first hardware controller with full control right at your fingertips. It delivers fast tactile user control of channels, groups and immersive mixing via an intuitive interface. The times of outdated name tags and dialling through all channels are over with 8 displays providing clear channel names and color coding.
  • Orchestrating your mix 128 Inputs | 16 Mixes | 3 DMI slots | 48/96k With maximum flexibility in mind, KLANG has created the KLANG:konductor, its most powerful and versatile immersive in-ear mixing processor to date, delivering connectivity that is ready for today and tomorrow. Designed with monitor engineers and fixed installations in mind, the high end mixing system delivers 16 immersive mixes and processes 128 input signals at up to 96kHz at an astonishing internal latency of less than 0.25ms.
  • This lifting tower has a larger steel base than its predecessors, which gives it greater stability. The tower can be pushed into a van or truck by pre-assembling the RH-1 transport accessory. It is capable of lifting 220kg to 5.35m, has 4 large stabilizers with non-slip rubber plates and a spirit level for accurate levelling. It is composed of four steel X profiles with high resistant, anti-torsion steel cable and is guided through reinforced pulleys. Safety is guaranteed with our ALS automatic ...
  • 7 x 40W Osram Ostar™ quad-colour LEDs (RGBW)  4°- 31° motorised zoom  Pixel mapping capabilities Built-in colour macros Colour temperature presets 5 dimming modes
  • 300W white LED (6700K) 4.5°- 38° adjustable beam angle  CMY colour mixing + 7 colours + CTO filter  Motorised zoom, focus and iris Circular and linear prism + variable frost filter  8 rotating + 10 static gobos
  • Osram® SIRIUS HRI 471W SN discharge lamp  Adjustable beam angle: 1.8°- 21° beam mode, 3°- 42° spot mode CMY colour mixing + 12 colours + CTO filter  Motorised zoom and focus 8 prisms + 2 variable frost filters 9 rotating + 13 static gobos + animation wheel
  • 600W white LED (6500K) 9°- 46° adjustable beam angle  CMY colour mixing + 7 colours + variable CTO flag  Motorised zoom, focus and iris Circular and linear prism + variable frost filter  7 rotating + 8 static gobos + 4 rotating framing shutters
  • Q3 Pro server offers all the power of Ai in a compact 2U form.  With 2 x 4K and 1 x HD production outputs, plus a dedicated GUI connector, all with hardware EDID management, as well as super-fast content storage it's a small box with big performance.
  • Next-generation visual canvas controller.
  • S21

    03 Aug 2022 DiGiCo
    DiGiCo is delighted to announce the release of its latest Version 3.0 software update, dramatically increasing the processing power of its small footprint, cost-effective S-Series consoles. Version 3.0 offers an optional software expansion that significantly increases the channel count from 48 to 60 flexi channels and 24 flexi busses, turning S-Series consoles into an S21+ or an S31+.
  • Quantum225

    03 Aug 2022 DiGiCo
    Following on from Quantum 338, Quantum 225 brings the power of Quantum in a compact and robust worksurface. Quantum 225 incorporates all of the new design features introduced in 2020 with the Quantum 338, and of course uses three large-scale seventh generation FPGAs to continue the unrivaled Quantum legacy. The console merges tried and tested workflows with immense processing muscle, bold innovation and all of the Quantum features, giving you the ultimate tool set.
  • Quantum338

    03 Aug 2022 DiGiCo
    Boasting a wealth of new design features and enhancements to create ultimate flexibility of use plus the speed of operation that only Quantum can deliver, Quantum 338 is based on seventh generation FPGAs with an entirely new system architecture. The console merges tried and tested workflows with immense processing muscle and bold innovation including a striking new dark mode.
  • Orion 8" Active DSP 300w RMS Full Range Speaker With DSP and TWS Stereo Bluetooth
  • Delta Active Plywood PA Speaker Triple 12" Full Range Trapezoidal 3X12" 1000W RMS Speaker With DSP & Bluetooth
  • Line Array Set Delta Dual 8" Passive Array 4 Box Set - Including Flight Case
  • Delta TurboCharged Dual 18" Plywood SubWoofer 18mm Birch Plywood Passive PA Speaker 3000w RMS
  • Delta Dual 12" Active Powered Subwoofer 1000w RMS 18mm Birch Plywood
  • Whirly Reeler is a new Microphone winch with unique features:- Unbroken cable (no slip rings). Virtually no retained cable (no wind/un-wind spool or cable chain). Accurate positioning (the cable is wound onto single layer helically-grooved drums connected to a multi-turn absolute encoder). ‘Zero fleet’ (cable exit point is stationary during lift/lower). Standard features:- Two independent silent brakes. Crossed groove detection. Optional features:- Second encoder for SIL 3 speed/position monitor ...
  • The B12 is a twelve-channel power distribution unit suited for a wide range of applications and purposes that need reliable power delivered without interruption. 
  • The B24 is a twenty-four-channel power distribution unit suited for a wide range of applications and purposes that need reliable power delivered without interruption. 
  • The C12 is a twelve-channel power distribution unit suited for a wide range of applications and purposes that need intelligent and reliable power delivered without interruption. Included in a very compact form factor are superior 2-pole hydraulic-magnetic breakers, individual earth protection per channel, loss of neutral protection, emergency stop, a disconnectable power cable and a single-phase convenience socket that can be adapted for different markets.
  • The C24 is a twenty-four-channel power distribution unit designed for the needs of the entertainment industry. Perfectly suited to power LED screens, intelligent lighting, audio systems and all of the complex loads that can be a real challenge to handle without interruptions.  
  • cabroX CXPro products offer you innovative solution for stage cabling and winding.  Cabrox collects your cables in seconds and stores them safely for the next event.  Your cables are not lost, damaged and it can use for a long time.
  • Modular, Extensive, Road Proven The C72tv is a 400A large-scale power distribution unit designed to meet all the requirements of delivering safe and reliable power to the modern-day entertainment industry.
  • Electro Kabuki 4-Way Firing Box Allows Multiple Staged Reveals and Theatrical Drops
  • Electro Kabuki Assets Include Attractive Starter Pack featuring DMX Control.
  • SB6i is an ultra-shallow subwoofer designed to extend the bandwidth of X4i and Soka in installation applications requiring concert sound and utmost discretion. SB6i features two directradiating 6.5‘‘ transducers mounted in a bass-reflex tuned enclosure. Its ultra-slim profile enables in-wall and in-ceiling integration, making it ideal for high-end architectural and professional sound reinforcement settings, with minimal to no visual impact. SB6i couples with other L-Acoustics shallow enclosures ...
  • Soka is a unique breed of loudspeaker that combines line source technology with a sleek aesthetic. Soka integrates nine 3.5” MF drivers and three 1” HF transducers to impart a wide 140-degree horizontal coupled with a highly controlled 26-degree vertical directivity. Soka and SB6i are an ultra-shallow 3.9 inches/99 millimeters, designed to be easily enclosed in-wall or discreetly mounted on-wall, yet are capable of astounding power and bandwidth. Despite its diminutive size, Soka delivers 124 dB ...
  • The EB-PU2220B is the most sustainable as well as the world’s smallest 20,000-lumen projector. It can be lifted by one person, used in harsh environments, and features in-built processing to enable stacking multiple units without any external processing hardware. It exceeds industry demand for smaller, lighter, easier and more sustainable visual technology and challenges the status quo that brighter means bigger or more complicated. 
  • Produce. Rehearse. Go Live. Located in the heart of the country, The Bridge powered by PRG offers a flexible space that can be utilised for truck splits to full streaming productions, and everything in between.
  • Cardioid powered Column Loudspeaker
  • The GLP XDC1 IP Hybrid merges a high-performance strobe with a very powerful wash light, offering superior colour quality—all packaged in a weatherproof IP65 housing. GLP thus meets the growing demand for powerful effect spotlights for large outdoor events that also offer very high colour quality and a wide colour spectrum.
  • The JDC Line is the new Hybrid highlight Product from GLP and combines a powerful strobe line with a never seen powerful LED pixel mapping device. 
  • Following on from the groundbreaking impression X4 Bar, GLP introduces the impression FR10 Bar, a linear format fixture that offers unrivaled output and creative control, whilst blending in with the existing X4 Bar series.
  • The GLP impression X5 IP Bar is an IP65 rated, linear LED batten with 18 powerful 40 W RGBL LED's, a wide zoom range, and the new GLP iQ.Gamut color calibration algorithm that creates perfect white spectrums with excellent color rendering.
  • The Miniature Clip Mic System MCM is designed for close miking all acoustic instruments without many of the “natural” compromises the industry has experienced, including that in sound, ease of use, and mounting options, Orchestras, theaters, and rentals can soon rely on the full signature sound of every acoustical instrument. The Neumann KK 14 cardioid capsule redefines the standard for a rich, natural sound in close miking as well as the signal fidelity and precision that electret Systems can d ...