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Proudly announcing the 2021 Innovation Award winners and nominees...


Astera: PixelBrick


Say hello to Astera's next-generation multi-purpose light. In addition to being a battery-powered uplight and spotlight with 5 different beam options, multiple PixelBricks can be connected to form clusters and shapes. With about 10cm edge length and 1kg weight, it is small and lightweight while still featuring a powerful output of high-quality light which meets the highest demands of film, TV and stage clients.

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CHAUVET Professional: Maverick Silens 2 Profile


Maverick Silens 2 Profile marks a revolutionary step forward in moving head technology and the first moving head from CHAUVET Professional to be 100% convection cooled, resulting in near silent operation. With studio steady brightness modes optimized to environmental conditions and a feature set specifically developed for theatre and studio use, this unit is an example of a product which has been tailored using the best of modern technology to fill a growing requirement within the theatrical and studio world.

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EM Acoustics: R10

em acoustics

The R10 is a 3-way, passive point source loudspeaker suited to any performance environment requiring ultra-high quality sound reinforcement in a versatile, low profile package. It is supplied with two different, easily interchangeable, rotatable dispersion waveguide options; a wide 110° x 50° dispersion for shorter throw applications and a narrower 80° x 50° option for controlled coverage over longer distances.
The architecture and construction of the R10 combined with EM Acoustics' state-of-the-art FIR processing liberates each component to achieve levels of sonic performance never yet achieved from a box of this size and form.

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Copper Candle: Copper Stream

copper candle

Copper Stream is an innovative variation on the DMX protocol that refines, optimises and streams packets in a much cleaner way to allow DMX to work at low latencies on networks, over wifi and via the cloud.
This means, for the first time, DMX can be streamed to wireless devices such as VR headsets and mobile phones both on location and remotely using an AWS server to control any DMX receiving device such as lighting fixtures but especially to control apps built in Unreal Engine.

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Copper Candle: Bone Stream

bone stream

Bone Stream is the worlds first motion capture streaming service, enabling mocap and tracking data to be sent over Wifi or the cloud via Copper Candles AWS system, to any device on the planet simultaneously.

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Copper Candle: Cue29

CUE 29

Cue29 is a plugin for unreal engine 4 which allows the direct manipulation and control of objects, assets, audio files, cameras and optimised lights, controlled via DMX lighting data. It allows lighting desk and media server operators the ability to control entire Unreal Engine scenes, on individual or multiple devices, turning this complex game engine into the equivalent of a 3d media server.

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Glensound: Divine


Glensound's Divine intelligent network audio monitor speaker is a 4 input, PoE powered speaker for Dante/AES67 networks.  A single Cat 5/6 connection carries the four audio channels and power. There are 3 priority settings available on the Divine allowing one or more of the inputs to have priority over the others.  In this way you could have the program being monitored on 1, and the second input being producer announcements. Any producer announcement will interrupt the program audio while there is an announcement, and go back to the program when it is finished.

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LANG UK: CarbonBlack Technology


A complete range of projection screen surfaces utilising Graphene Nanotube quantum physics fundamentally changing the status quo and opening new creative possibilities previously unattainable. 
After many years of being limited by the status quo of the event industries large format displays such as expensive and cumbersome LED walls or washed out projections, a desire grew to innovate. CarbonBlack endeavoured to create a screen that matched the designers vision and of what should be possible.

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The SMVA is a combination of an active audio stage wedge and a high quality commercial video teleprompting screen. The unit provides SDI video input and touring grade powercon true1 top connectors. This feature allows you to use one product instead of two to do the job. Tried and tested by high profile tours and TV shows including UB40 on their 40th Anniversary world tour. This product is an international best seller for APTGB.

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SPECIAL COMMENDATION FROM THE JUDGES: Blumano: StageDB – [ORA] Online Risk Assessment

ORA is the new product of StageDB, a streamlined online app to manage H&S documentation for events and stage machinery.  The ORA module generates RAMS and machinery risk assessments based on EN ISO 12100:2010, in line with SQ P2:2018 and EN 17206. It contains a library of applicable hazards and hazardous events, which helps organise your risk assessment information into an easy-to-read structure and format.  The risk estimation wizard with SIL and PL automatic calculation allows you to complete a risk assessment in less time.  ORA is used by the major industry players as reference application for Risk Assessments and RAMS.

ORA is the new product of StageDB, a streamlined online app to manage H&S documentation for events and stage machinery.

The ORA module generates RAMS and machinery risk assessments based on EN ISO 12100:2010, in line with SQ P2:2018 and EN 17206.

It contains a library of applicable hazards and hazardous events, which helps organise your risk assessment information into an easy-to-read structure and format.

The risk estimation wizard with SIL and PL automatic calculation allows you to complete a risk assessment in less time.

ORA is used by the major industry players as reference application for Risk Assessments and RAMS.

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Avolites: Diamond 9-330 console


Designed from the ground up for seamlessly integrated control of all visual elements, the Diamond 9–330 is the new flagship visual canvas controller in the Avolites console collection.
Created in consultation with leading visual designers and expert industrial designers, the Diamond 9-330 is built to power the next generation of ultimate shows and beyond. Hand-crafted in London and embodying Avolites’ reputation of quality and reliability, it features an impressive amount of screen real-estate, all-new controls, and capable of driving state-of-the-art media integration, it intuitively enables control of all visual aspects of a show.


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Artistic Licence: candlePower octo

Artistic Licence

candlePower octo is a DMX512/RDM controlled LED dimmer with 8 channels. Each channel can be individually set to constant current (CC) or constant voltage (CV) dimming. Using a combination of analogue and digital technology, the product provides smooth results with all DC LEDs, with exceptional performance at very low intensities. The product is rated at 2A per channel and can be powered over a wide range of voltages (10 – 60 VDC). A free dimming curve database is provided. Customers also have the option to purchase the product pre-commissioned and order custom generated curves.

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Artistic Licence: Commisioner multi

Artistic Licence

Commissioner multi is a hand-held tool for testing, programming and configuring lighting installations or fixtures. It supports multiple protocols including DMX512, RDM and DALI. Handy features include a backlit display, DIP switch calculator, photometer and micro-USB port for providing direct power or for recharging the internal 2 x AA NiMH batteries. A Bluetooth low energy port allows connection to a laptop/tablet or phone. This means that Commissioner multi can be used as a sophisticated peripheral device, or a standalone tool in in difficult environments such as up a truss.

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CableJoG: AudioJoG Rack 19


The AudioJoG Rack 19 is a New Socapex 19 pin cable tester from CableJoG Limited. It has the ability to test Socapex fan in and fan out cables. It is simple to use, just plug in and test. The AudioJoG Rack 19 range currently has four versions, powerCON Fan In & powerCON Fan Out, powerCON True 1 Fan In & Fan Out. An extension socket enables each tester to be coupled to other connector panels like the 16A C Form. Power is through a plug top adaptor and internal rechargeable batteries.

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ETC Ltd: Source Four LED Series 3


Source Four LED Series 3 is the third generation of the industry’s favourite colour mixing LED profile. When incandescent Source Four fixtures hit the market in 1992, they quickly became an industry standard. As technology advanced, so did our fixtures. Now boasting impressive output and an eight-colour mixing system that includes deep red LEDs, you’ll be amazed at the nuanced colors you can create. “With Series 3, you finally get your swatch book back,” says lighting designer Justin Townsend. Uncover a depth and richness to fabrics, scenery, and most importantly, skin tones that has been lacking until now.

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Fourier Audio: Fourier Rewind

Fourier Rewind

Fourier Rewind gives live mix engineers the ability to time travel. Whilst mixing, if an engineer wants to listen back to the history of an audio feed they need to implement a full multi-track recording system, often with significant cost and infrastructure requirements - and a multitrack can’t provide quick and simple real-time rewind functionality. Rewind enables engineers to drill into their mix in-the-moment, unleashing the power to fix issues which previously were lost to the past. With integration solutions for all major mixing consoles, the solo button now has a flux capacitor. 88 mph, here we come.

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Copper Candle: Break A Leg

break a leg


Break A Leg is a solution to the Covid-19 crisis in amateur theatre, providing a way for users to continue to create new productions by recording themselves performing remotely and utilising a service combining them into a virtual 3D experience.
This will allow individuals to be part of a collaborative theatrical production, created and performed remotely and shared for people at home to enjoy.

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L-Acoustics: L-ISA Studio


L-ISA Studio software suite takes the powerful, intuitive spatial audio production and mixing tools of L-ISA technology and puts them into the hands of sound creators wishing to create anywhere. Users can easily plug into their favorite DAW and transform their mix without transforming their workflow. Immersive audio pre-production can be done anywhere and played back with headphones, or in 5.1, 7.1.4 or 12.0 studio formats. L-ISA Studio mixes seamlessly transfer to a venue with an L-ISA configuration for live productions. L-ISA Studio opens up a new world of sound possibilities for creators and artists alike.

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NEXO: ID84 Column Speaker


The ID84 performance loudspeaker offers an outstanding Peak SPL output of 135dB, and frequency response of 90Hz-20kHz. With a smooth and musical sonic signature, the ID84 is equally competent at speech and music reinforcement, and able to perform as a standalone front-of-house reinforcement system. Weighing 15kg (33 lbs), measuring 990mm x 150mm x 215mm (39.0” x 5.9” x 8.5”), this lightweight aluminium enclosure carries eight powerful 4” long-excursion Neodymium LF drivers, and eight 1” HF drivers. Used with a low-frequency extension module (ID84L) and a partner subbass (IDS312), the system can be configured to provide an innovative scalable solution.

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Hologramica: Holopops Ultra


Holopops Ultra is a professional, stand-alone, low-cost holographic display device capable of creating life-size 4K video holograms from either pre-recorded or live streamed video content. It overcomes significant technical challenges to achieve a holographic image 3m wide x 2m high in a footprint of only 3.2m wide, 2.5m deep and 2.7m high, opening the door to smaller spaces with smaller budgets. With the addition of suitable broadcast equipment, a live holographic subject and an audience in different places can see and speak to eachother in real-time, meaning presenters and artists can appear at a remote location without having to travel there.

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Martin by Harman: Martin MAC Aura PXL

Martin MAC Aura PXL

The Martin MAC Aura PXL adds to the industry standard line of Martin wash lights with multi-lens and Aura backlight technology. Bigger and brighter than the MAC Aura, the PXL features a significantly higher intensity and a tighter beam as well as a smaller face and less busy lens look compared to the MAC Quantum Wash. The MAC Aura PXLs bigger “bubbles” provide a more appealing look and beautiful wide wash fields.

It is also the first wash light in the market to feature individual pixel control for beam pixels and Aura backlight with full control via DMX, Art-Net and sACN, as well as with Martin's P3 protocol.

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Martin by Harman: Martin VDO Atomic Bold

Martin VDO Atomic Bold

The Martin VDO Atomic Bold is an incredibly versatile creative LED hybrid fixture and the newest addition to the VDO Atomic family. It suits a myriad of applications as an audience blinder, strobe light, creative LED pixel mapping surface, eye-candy effect light and stage wash – all in a single, compact fixture.

Including many of the benefits that made its sibling, the VDO Atomic Dot a popular hybrid fixture, the VDO Atomic Bold retains the same interlocking mechanics, cabling and a similar look but is a larger fixture with higher, full colour output to offer lighting designers even more creative potential.

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Martin by Harman: Martin MAC Ultra Performance

Martin MAC Ultra Performance

The MAC Ultra Performance has raised the bar for extremely bright moving lights and features benchmark output across the zoom range, a true next generation framing system, higher definition optics and astoundingly low noise levels. Built to support the biggest live events, this powerful workhorse is based on our all new 1150 W, 6000 K proprietary LED light engine and the fixture pushes an incredible 46,500 lumens in projection. The 50,000+ hour light engine also provides high resolution dimming, strobing and Martin's unique Animotion effect.

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SensorSpace Cloud Data Storage and Analytics


SensorSpace is a rentable service which combines hardware and software to collect, visualise and store data from Broadweigh load/ force and wind speed sensors which can be accessed via any internet enabled device thus bringing real time sensor data, together with powerful management tools, to any number of personnel, anywhere in the world. Site managers and rigging pros can remain fully informed 24/7 of the structural conditions during a build/lift.

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Robe: FORTE™

Robe forte

The highly specified, feature packed FORTE allows you to choose between TE™ engines, such as the 1.000W HP White LED Engine (HP – High Performance), generating the highest output possible, or the TE™ 1.000W HCF White LED Engine (HCF – High Colour Fidelity) for those requiring exception colour quality. Fitting any engine into FORTE without alignment or warranty issues takes under 10 minutes. Removing the expense and complication of separate luminaires with differing sources, TRANSFERABLE ENGINES give a one fixture, multiple source solution while enjoying all the advantages of LED. Taking the multi-use concept one step further, the optional, quickly fitted Fresnel lens transforms FORTE into a compatible wash light.

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Robe: TE Transferable Engine™


The revolutionary Transferrable Engines are self-referencing, data capturing LED engines that enable you, cost-effectively, to maintain light quality across your inventory. Requiring no special skills or tools, they can be exchanged in around five minutes, giving you the right quality of light in your fixture without the time, expense, and skills, including alignment, of a conventional light engine change. All performance data is easily accessible either on the luminaire or via NFC using the Robe Com app, giving total control of inventory performance, as you once had with lamps, and as new engines are developed, keeping up with LED technological development.

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Theatrixx: xPressPlay


The xPressPlay is a hardware device that addresses the playback needs of the video, lighting and audio professionals and has currently no equivalent on the market. The xPressPlay can easily playback most known video, audio, and image files. It is housed in a durable rackmount 1U enclosure and equipped with professional, locking connectors. The device can be controlled in several ways, including its onboard OLED display and encoder, web-based interface, DMX, and directly from an Elgato StreamDeck. It is a professional device aimed at the live events, pro-AV and broadcast markets.

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Shure: ADX5D Axient® Digital Dual-Channel Portable Wireless Receiver



The Axient Digital ADX5D dual-channel wireless receiver delivers superior RF performance, spectral efficiency, and transparent audio quality in a portable slot-in design. Sound and performance that touring and theatre have adopted as the industry standard is now available to all audio professionals including film and broadcast. The ADX5D can be used as a slot in camera option, in a bag or standalone and is compatible with all existing Shure Axient Digital transmitters. The portable receiver offers full remote control of ADX transmitters providing monitoring and control of all aspects of audio and RF - allowing users to go even further.

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Sennheiser UK Ltd: Sennheiser Evolution Wireless Digital Microphone System


Evolution Wireless Digital (EW-D) provides an ultimately reliable connection for any situation, any place – whether it's voice, lecture, conference, moderation or live performance. The series introduces an easy, app-based workflow while retaining all the professionality, multi-channel capability and reliability that users have come to expect of UHF and 1G8 microphones. Additionally, EW-D raises the bar by providing the highest input dynamic range of any wireless system currently on the market, utilizing advanced features that simplify user’s setup and guaranteeing trouble-free connection.

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