lights at PLASA Show

  • The GLP impression X5 is the next generation of high performance, professional LED washlights. Building on the legacy of its highly renowned predecessors, it incorporates cutting edge technology with extensive user input.
  • The Vector V20 is a 3-way compact full range constant curvature vertical array enclosure. It features physically time aligned components and internal passive network for single amplifier channel operation. A custom waveguide ensures smooth sonic crossover between enclosures. Components: 10″/2×5″/2×1″. Directivity: 110° x 20°. Max SPL: 141 dB. Weight: 22 kg.
  • The adapter is a solution for hanging projector frames using the single point ball mount. Frames can be hung in landscape, portrait, and down projection orientations and with various clamping options, it is quick and easy to mount.
  • Neumann Accuracy, Serious Bass and Power The KH 150 is a powerful bi-amplified studio monitor with reference-class performance. Its 6.5″ woofer in a bass reflex cabinet provides stunning low-end and high-end SPL capability with undiminished clarity. DSP-controlled electronics ensure linear phase response and allow for roomadaptive calibration using Neumann’s revolutionary MA 1 Automatic Monitor Alignment system. What You Hear Is What You Get The KH 150 follows the same philosophy as all Neumann ...
  • Established to enable Triple E to expand on its current technical services offering to the market the EEE Build team is lead by Rowan Bean-Coupe, an experienced Rigger who forged his early career at Earls Court in West London with world-renowned Unusual Rigging, progressing to project management and most recently as Supervisor on some well-loved West End and touring shows. The EEE Build team is highly qualified in all aspects of rigging, permanent installations, and crew management, and encompas ...
  • Specified worldwide by acousticians and consultants, our vertical acoustic solutions VariBanner and VariRoller are renowned for the ease and speed they allow a performance space's acoustic profile to be altered. Both VariBanner and VariRoller have a standard design that is scaled to suit the needs of each project, ensuring a reliable and affordable yet bespoke product. The VariBanner is a Venetian-style acoustic banner that features slats gathered by a bottom tray, making this system the most di ...
  • Precision engineering has always been at the core of our offerings at Triple E, our fully equipped precision engineering workshop with CNC machining centres and lathes gives us the facilities to mill, turn and profile aluminium, steel, plastics and composites on site.  The continued investment in our machine shop has enabled us to increase our product range and further reduce our already short turnaround times on our stock parts, custom motors, and chain-driven systems by producing our own sproc ...
  • Our passion is providing solutions - solutions that work for the customer and are delivered on time and on budget. Most of our design staff come from the performance and design worlds which means they are used to collaborating, innovating, and working to demanding time schedules and specifications. We even have a senior designer who parts the red sea on one of his stage tracking designs! Our process starts with you, the customer, and understanding what problem you need to solve. Do you need 30 s ...
  • Our track range consists of six systems, all designed by our in-house engineers to exactly meet the demands of the entertainment industry. UniTrack™, UniBeam, ChainTrack, ChainBeam, Erail™, and 2Way each fulfill a different requirement in the marketplace: from simple walkalong masking tracks to automated movement of large scenic items to complex motorised chain systems, we have a system for every situation. Triple E tracks feature ball-raced runners with polyurethane wheels, nylon capstans & she ...
  • EWDX

    08 Jun 2022 Sennheiser UK
    Focus less on the wireless and more on the audio. Sennheiser EW-DX simplifies your professional workflow by utilizing refined technologies and decades of research to deliver a digital UHF system that can be scaled with ease. Multiple hardware and software options create networkable solutions for nearly any stage or campus, while equidistant channel spacing, auto scan, and Bluetooth® Low Energy sync automatically coordinate and set frequencies with the push of a button. Monitor your devices from ...
  • The GGO-MCX is a rack-mounting intercom station, occupying 1U of a 19-inch rack with a depth of only 110mm. Channel labels and audio level are displayed via the three, six-channel, TFT touch screens. The audio level of each intercom circuit can be adjusted for best intelligibility. Full duplex communication is by headset or the in-built loudspeaker and optional gooseneck microphone.
  • These desk-top intercom stations provide a clear overview of many channels and offer a simple interface to listen and talk to selected channels. This makes the system suitable for complex live event and broadcast applications where several intercom channels need to be simultaneously monitored while conversing with one or more selected channels.
  • The WPX wall mount station provides two separate functions: An intercom station with communication via a handset or headset. A powered loudspeaker for monitoring different intercom channels. A user can directly access up to three assigned intercom channels via the three buttons on the front panel. Communication is via a handset or headset plugged into the 4-pin XLR. Other users can separately monitor a selection of unrelated intercom channels through the integrated loudspeaker.
  • We have a complete manufacturing Facility for Making Fire Survival Cables. Our Cables are Tested for CWZ Category and can withstand 950 degree C fire for 3 hours, half an hour of fire and water and 10 mins of mechanical shock as per BS- 6387 : 2013 We Also Manufacture Cat 5, Cat6 - Both UTP and STP Versions and many other electronic cables like RS -485, Coaxial Cables Etc.  
  • The use of large, weather-tight buttons protects against wet conditions and are suitable for use when wearing heavy gloves. This increases the weather resistance of the ABS case, making it suitable for sports and other outside events where rain showers are likely.
  • These intercom stations have a spring-steel clip to fasten to a belt. An XLR connector is provided for a headset which is used for communication with other intercom stations connected to the network. The beltpacks connect over a DECT wireless link to Green-Go antenna stations. The antenna stations, in turn, connect to a suitable network switch, which provides power over ethernet, via an RJ45 connector and ethernet cable.
  • At Krystals we have also diversified into manufacturing of Aluminum Trusses. With State of the art Jigs and Aluminum welding Technology, We can provide our customers with wide range of Trusses, Stage, Crowd Barriers, Scaffold etc. Our Trusses comes in Mill Finish as well as Hard Anodised Satin Silver Finish, Shampane Rose or Black Finish
  • Krystals Manufacture a whole range of Interconnects and Multicore snake systems. All our products are hand soldered and protected with heat shrink tube and 100 % tested for polarity and sound delivery.  
  • At Krystals, We Have a complete Range of Connectors used by the Audio Industry.
  • Krystals Microphone Cable Range includes Pro Analog Mic Cable - 24 AWG x 2 Core ABC  Braid Sheilded High Flex PVC Sheathed Cable Pro Digital Mic Cable - 24 AWG x 2 Core ATC Serve Shield High Flex PVC Sheathed Cable Beta Digital Mic Cable - 22 AWG x 2 Core ATC Serve Sheilded High Flex PVC Sheathed Cable. 24 AWG - 4 pair, 8 pair, 12 pair, 16 pair, 24 pair and 32 pair Snake Cables, With each pair serve shielded. 
  • This single point ball mount allows full 360° rotation and 25° of tilt, achieved using the locking lever. Captive M6 and M8 fixing allow quick and easy attachment to frames and accessories with the minimum amount of effort.
  • Beam-Spot-Wash Hybrid Moving Head IP65
  • PowerFLEX™ EverGrip® Y-Splitters are manufactured with heavy duty flexible Titanex H07RN-F cable and moulded CEE plug/sockets.
  • PowerFLEX™ Extensions are made with heavy duty Titanex H07RN-F Flexible cable and are available with a selection of devices.
  • 19 pin Multi-cable carries 6-circuits of lighting power inside a single jacket, saving six individual runs of cable. Lex Socapex Compatible (LSC) EverGrip® cable assemblies go through two separate moulding processes to ensure they can stand up to the most demanding stage and studio applications.
  • The frame allows simple projector adjustment in roll, pitch and yaw, accomplished using the three adjustment handles. This simple yet robust solution for hanging and stacking projectors offers protection from accidental damage.
  • Internally designed, developed and manufactured TE™ 1.000W HP and HCF White LED Engines HP Engine for maximum light output, CRI > 70, 40.000 lm output from the fixture HCF Engine for the best light quality, CRI > 95, 24.000 lm output from the fixture The engines are easy to install, exchange and replace Full graphic effects engine, CMY/CTO + 2 colour wheels Plano4™ - Precise, calibrated framing shutter system Cpulse™ flicker-free management for the latest HD and UHD cameras Only 39.8 kg weight  
  • Small, compact yet very bright RGBW WashBeam Spectacular 3.8° - 60° zoom range producing tight beams and wide washes Optional FW 2° filter for even smoother edges and improved beam homogenisation Fast pan and tilt movement for sweeping beams Virtual colour wheel and tungsten emulation for total colour control L3™ dimming for super smooth fade to black Cpulse™ flicker-free management for the latest HD and UHD cameras Innovative lens coating for added protection
  • Giving you powerful performance capabilities and robust reliability in all weather conditions! Our new ROBE Lighting iSeries luminaires have been designed, developed and manufactured with an IP65 rating which provides all-weather creativity, perfect for outdoor events and your next lighting design featuring: iSpiider®, iPointe65®, iParfect150® and iBar15® luminaries.
  • Flightcase Warehouse offer a range of Custom moving head Flight cases with various styles and foaming options available.  https://www.flightcasewarehouse.co.uk/industry/index.asp?section=custom-built-moving-head-flight-cases--6605 
  • The P-6 is the standardized LED wash fixture in the lighting industry, due to its IP66 rating, superior reliability, and user-centered design. Optimized for high punch in medium distances, the P-6 combines the compact size and low power consumption of the P-5 series with the unique optical approach and ergonomy of the powerful P-10. 
  • The G-7 BeaSt is a dual-purpose moving head specialized in aerial beams and high-power blind / strobe effects. Its glass parabolic reflector collimates multiple reflections into one coherent beam of light, while a rounded array of LEDs, inserted in the center of the reflector, delivers a high-power white strobe blinder.
  • The G-7 Spot is the quintessence of IP-rated moving heads. A fast, compact, and lightweight mid-sized moving head spot with high-output and low power consumption.
  • The Q-8 combines the compact size and low power consumption of the Q-7 series, the ergonomy of the Q-10, and the powerful strobe / blinder of the G-7 BeaSt in 2 separated linear arrays.
  • Circular Audio Multipin Connectors designed and manufactured to ensure continual and reliable operation in the harsh environment of professional audio.
  • PA-COM and Tourline 25 way multipin connectors for speaker applications.
  • Powerlock Compatible Connectors for power distribution applications up to 500 amps.
  • The S-BOX has been developed to guarantee greater safety in use.
  • Our ever growing cable ramp range is manufactured in our CableGuard factory in Scotland.
  • Delivering the same sonic signature of the company’s much larger subs, but from a vastly scaled-down enclosure design, SB10i is not much larger than two side-by-side shoe boxes. Equipped with a single 10-inch driver, 27 Hz bandwidth limit, and 124 dB maximum SPL output, the high-powered SB10i measures only 21.3” L x 21.3” W x 6.7” H (540 x 540 x 170 mm) and weighs a mere 33 pounds (15 kg). Sonically corresponding with L‑Acoustics X4i and 5XT ultra-compact coaxial speakers, the new sub has an ele ...