lights at PLASA Show

  • epiQ Console

    25 Jul 2022 TAIT
    The epiQ ™ console is purpose built for iQ powered by Navigator and unifies the control of all live event operations in one cohesive experience giving the user the confidence and power to maximize the creative potential of any live event.
  • The iBeam 250™ is the latest in Robe’s constantly growing iSeries which are fully IP65 rated. This offers everyone’s favourite wash-beam attributes – speed, colour and zoom range, etc – in a package to handle all the challenges of outdoor use and work.  Ideal for festivals, concerts, theatre, and any outdoor events or unpredictable weather scenarios, the iBeam 250™ also has all the favourite features of its massively popular indoor relative, the LEDBeam 150™. Ingenious ingress protection is spec ...
  • The new IP65 rate iSpiider with its highly advanced protective design is perfectly happy to play in the rain! Ideally suited for festivals, concerts and outdoor events or any other scenario needing to deal with inclement or unpredicatable weather, the iSpiider is a bright, high performance rated WashBeam luminaire, retaining all the favourite features of its phenomenally successful indoor relative, the Spiider. 
  • PainTE™ is a compact moving light that delivers a quiet, quality profile solution for short to medium throw scenarios in theatrical, television, installation, live or corporate settings. The impressive 15,000-lumen fixture output has a sparkling, clear white light, with boundless colours via the advanced CMY colour mixing system.  Designed for noise-sensitive environments, PAINTE™ features a TE 310W HP White LED engine from Robe’s ground-breaking TRANSFERABLE ENGINE technology range, a motorised ...
  • GEO M Series

    21 Jul 2022 NEXO
    Powerful and flexible, the NEXO GEO M Series incorporates three systems that share the same sonic characteristics, utilising unique and patented NEXO technologies to achieve extraordinary levels of performance from compact, lightweight cabinets. Integral rigging and a comprehensive range of accessories make it easy to deploy GEO M systems in a wide variety of fixed and mobile applications, and versatility is further enhanced by variable horizontal and vertical coverage options and a range of par ...
  • ePS Series

    21 Jul 2022 NEXO
    The ePS Series delivers NEXO’s trademark musical, high-output, full range sound, with all the versatility that comes with precision coverage, variable HF directivity and a small but flexible range of universal mounting hardware. Three lightweight point source cabinets partner high-excursion 6, 8 and 10-inch LF drivers respectively with a 1-inch exit HF driver, with dedicated 12 and 15-inch subs available to extend LF performance.
  • P+ Series

    21 Jul 2022 NEXO
    Building on NEXO’s acclaimed expertise in compact, high-output, point source loudspeakers, the P+ Series delivers pristine, full-range sound at even greater Sound Pressure Levels, along with unparalleled versatility, thanks to an ingenious system for varying HF coverage patterns. An exciting synergy of sleek good looks and stunning performance, the P8, P10, P12 and P15 loudspeakers employ custom 8, 10, 12 and 15-inch LF/HF drivers in a coaxial configuration to deliver perfect phase alignment, ex ...
  • TiMax TrackerD4 Precision Stagetracking liberates your event production allowing sound, lighting and video designers to focus on the creative  
  • ID84

    21 Jul 2022 NEXO
    NEXO’s ID84 supercharges the concept of the column loudspeaker, expanding its role beyond traditional voice reproduction into powerful, high-quality music applications. Suddenly, venues like sports stadia and transport hubs can both inform and entertain visitors with thrilling and immersive audio experiences, and develop new revenue models with new types of content. And NEXO innovation extends way beyond sonic performance, as the ID84 also sets new standards in visual design, ease of installatio ...
  • ID14

    21 Jul 2022 NEXO
    Employing a single, 4-inch coaxial driver, the super-compact ID14 might be the smallest loudspeaker that NEXO has ever built, but it punches well beyond its size and weight with the signature NEXO performance of powerful and dynamic full range sound. Equally at home in a hospitality environment or as part of sophisticated, immersive sound system, the ID14 features optional HF directivity and a myriad of mounting and connecting options, and finishes, delivering uniform audience coverage with low ...
  • ‍TiMax gives you flexible object-based tools to render complex spatial mixes and intimate immersive soundscapes  
  •     PN     P023002DB3SC     Voltage     DC12     LED Type         3535 RGB     IC     UCS 1903     Size     φ23 MM     IP     IP 65     Power     15W/String (26PCS)     Beam Angle     360°                                              O.T     -30℃ ~ 45℃
  •     PN     B080072CB3DS    丨    B080144CB3DS     Voltage     DC12V     LED Type         SMD 5050 RGB     Size     517*80 MM           丨    1003*80 MM     Beam Angle     360°     Protocol     DMX 512/SPI     Power     12 W/PCS             丨    20 W/PCS     Channel     12 pixels(36ch)     丨     24 pixels(72ch)     O.T     -30℃ ~ 45℃
  • PN S020120CC4DC0  Voltage DC24V  LED Type    SMD 5050 LED Quantity 120 leds/m Color RGBW Dimension 5000*20 mm Cutting unit 100 MM Luminance/M R: 90 G: 291 B: 76 W:413lm Power 19.2 W/M Protocol/Pixel/M DMX/TM512AC /10Pixel O.T -25℃ ~ 60℃
  • PN     N016084CC4DC0     SMD Type     SMD 5050     LED Qty/M     84LEDs/m     Pixel/M     12Pixels/m     Voltage     DC24V     CCT       RGBW:3000K/4000K/6000K      Control     DMX/TM512AC      Luminance /M     R:315 G: 675 B:135 W:830lm                  Dimension     5000*16*16 MM     Material     Silicon     Power     23 W/M     Cutting unit      83.33 MM     O.T     -25℃ ~ 60℃
  • The latest addition to the awarding winning ART 9 series  6 in, 2 out digital mixer Bluetooth for audio streaming and control Smartphone App  
  • SUB 8008-AS PROFESSIONAL POWERED DUAL 18" SUBWOOFER Up to 137 dB Sound Pressure Level 4400W Class-D Bi-Amplification 30-120 Hz linear frequency response 2 x 18" High Power Woofers
  • NX 985-A PROFESSIONAL THREE-WAY ACTIVE SPEAKER Up to 138 dB Sound Pressure Level 2100W Class-D Amplifier 40-20000 Hz linear frequency response 1.75" Neodymium Compression Driver with Peek diaphragm Bass Motion Control FIRPHASE
  • Canford became the sole UK and Ireland distributor of Green-Go in 2016. Green-Go has since been used successfully at major festival tours and conferences. Green-Go is a cost-effective scaleable digital intercom system which operates securely over a standard ethernet network with wireless capabilities.
  •   TECPRO COMMUNICATION SYSTEM - Overview Datasheet Print/PDF Ask a question Tecpro is a 'two wire' or as it is sometimes known 'party-line' or 'ring' system which enables a number of people to take part in the same conversation. Each participant can hear all other participants on the same circuit while being able to talk to them simultaneously, so a full 'duplex' conversation can take place – similar to a telephone system. The major applications for these systems are in the theatre, conference, ...
  • A non-rack mounted solution for on-stage use to power either musician backline, truss or fly bar mounted in theatre or touring applications. All models are housed in a robust steel enclosure with an integrated carrying handle that also acts to prevent accidental tripping and damage to the circuit breakers. LED Supply Present Indicator features on all models with Powercon input and loop output on the side panels to allow for units to be daisy-chained. In the event of a circuit breaker tripping, t ...
  • This range of modern 1U and 2U rack-mounting panels and floor boxes have been engineered by Canford specifically to provide a versatile, robust and safe solution suitable for powering a diverse combination of equipment. They are more commonly used in mobile racks and flight cases for temporary installations in live entertainment, including theatre, touring systems, location recording and outside broadcast work, though their unique design and configuration makes them also equally suited to many f ...
  • WaveCAST is a Wi-Fi platform designed for pro-audio applications where high-quality sound is required for streaming audio in real time to smartphones and/or tablets. It is built on a hardware-based DSP audio system architecture, allowing system optimization to achieve the highest quality experience for the particular audio stream being delivered. Hearing assistance can be optimized for hearing loss, music can be optimized for high-fidelity playback, and voice can be set for maximum speech intell ...
  • Dual Audio Technology is available now!   Dual Audio Technology. Industry first that combines secure Infrared audio delivery and Wi-Fi audio delivery in a single affordable box Flexibility/coverage. This scalable Infrared System uses Distributed Emitter Array design to accommodate up to 16 emitters with flexible coverage in up to 288,000 square feet (26,750 square meters). Streamlined and cost effective install. Each emitter is connected with a single CAT 5e/6 cable that carries power and audio. ...
  • Loopworks Measure online tools and iOS Application Complete ‘end-to-end’ measurement system iOS compatible device based test platform Online results processing, logging, reporting and sharing   At the very heart of Loopworks™ functionality is a ground-breaking hearing loop test and measurement system, Loopworks™ Measure. Consisting of the Loopworks Measure R1 Receiver, an iOS App and the Loopworks™ online productivity suite, Loopworks™ Measure enables you to automatically test and assess the fun ...
  • Loopworks™ gives access to expert hearing loop development and testing: accessible dependable minimise design costs Ampetronic™ Loopworks™ suite of tools includes a powerful Design Tool, Measurement App, comprehensive training materials and direct access to our friendly and knowledgeable support team. Over 100 years of combined engineering experience, our dedication to our customers and our commitment to assistive listening standards, provides assurance we will give you all the support and train ...
  • The C Series hearing loop drivers from Ampetronic mark a substantial development in assistive listening technology; offering: Performance, consistency and certainty of results, from affordable entry level units to flagship, market leading power systems A simple digital interface for accurate setup and adjustment Peace of mind that the system is working through multiple monitoring options Dante option on all models for simple integration to existing systems Low running and maintenance costs 5 yea ...
  • Outdoor SMD LED Wash Light and Strobe - RGBW Version
  • Compact Line Array System, 15 kW
  • HireHop Equipment Rental Software have added a route planner and driver's app, to enable drivers and transport managers to plan, track and manage their deliveries, collections and service runs.